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Radio has always been in my DNA. Watching WKRP in Cincinnati as a kid sealed my fate and sparked a passion I was never able to shake off. I worked for several years as a producer at Standard Radio, and after a brief hiatus from the industry have returned as a Broadcaster with the Travel World Radio Network. My love an knowledge of Cruising comes from my wife family. When my wife and I met, Kelly and her brother Sean had taken over the cruise empire their father built in Montreal and have been growing ever since. At the time, one of the "criteria" my wife had at the time we were dating was that I had to like cruises. Prior to that the only cruising I was interested in involved a Canoe and Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. Being open to new experiences I went on my first cruise over 10 years ago on the Coral Princess, and the rest is history. Together we have traveled aboard many different ships, Yachts, and Boats in many different corners of the globe. I currently reside in Montreal and am the owner of my own voice over and narration company |

Princess Cruises Celebrates a Half Century in Cruising Excellence

No other Cruise Line has ever been able to capture peoples imagination quite like Princess. Much of this is owed of course to Geraldine Saunders, Aaron Spelling and the cast of the Love Boat. For many of us who remember … Continue reading

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