Toasty Toes!

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If like me, you hate having cold feet on those frosty days, then this product is for you! are possibly the warmest and most comfortable slippers I have ever worn! I have been wearing my new pair, non-stop for a week now and I must say, they are heaven for the feet! Made of all natural materials…felted wool and calf skin soles. They are so soft on the feet and SO warm! They take the shape of your foot and seem to retain the shape well, which helps to make them so comfortable.

Since wool is self-cleaning, they are also hassle free. Just let them air and rest and they refresh themselves. If you do get them stained or want to wash them, just hand wash them with warm, soapy water. Don’t put them in a washer, they will lose their shape. Another wonderful thing about being made from natural wool…wool is waterproof! Wool does not absorb water or sweat the same way other materials will, which helps to keep your feet drier and also the slippers themselves, cleaner!

These slippers come in a variety of styles and colours. I have the shoe style which I adore! Just slip them on for the day and I’m set, never to have cold feet again! Also, since they are so soft and the soles are made of soft calf skin, they are easy to add to your luggage when going on a trip. Light and take up very little space.

If you’re looking for an amazing pair of slippers, or a great gift for someone, then I believe that are exactly what you’re looking for! You need just wear them once to become addicted to them!

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