Visiting the Middle of the World!

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DSC_0090On my wonderful trip to Quito, Ecuador, I was given the opportunity to visit the Middle of the World Monument and the Intiñan Solar Museum. Both places are a must visit while you are in the area of Quito.

The Intiñan Solar Museum is a fantastic interactive museum that demonstrates the effects that being on the equator can have on our bodies, other objects, and time.

The guides at the museum will take you through and DSC_0076introduce you to peoples of different cultures who reside in all areas of Ecuador. You will see how they lived then and now. Replicas of homes and tombs. Photos of some of the people, even an actual shrunken head! It is a very interesting way to spend an afternoon.

DSC_0093You will also learn about the effects of being on the equator and will be challenged to try certain tasks. Balancing an egg on the head of a nail is one. If you succeed, you will be given an *Egg Master* certificate! You are also challenged to close your eyes, hold out your arms and try walking along the equator, this is impossible to do!

This is a wonderful and very affordable way to spend the day. Have your photo taken while DSC_0114dddstanding over the equator, one foot in the North and one in the South! You will also get your passport stamped to commemorate your visit.

DSC_0114Another beautiful and interesting place to visit it the Middle of the World Monument itself. The 30-meter-tall monument was constructed between 1979 and 1982. The monument itself is breathtaking, and the park has many beautiful works of art to enjoy and shops to browse. I only wish I had time to spend the whole day there, seeing it all.

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