Rock House – A Destination of its Own – Tybee Island, GA

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Now if you are looking for great food, friendly service and a really fun time, Rock House is THEDSC_0694 place to be.

The story behind Rock House and its owner, is fantastic. This place is truly a family run business. This family actually has other businesses in the area also. They support each other and work extremely hard. They put their hearts into everything they do and love their community.

DSC_0696Rock House offers some really amazing choices of foods, from DSC_0697burgers to seafood, they’ve really got it all. I enjoyed a wonderful plateful of shark and chips, the shark is flown in fresh from Hawaii and let me tell you…it was the best I have ever had. Willem had a wonderful burger and salad…this all after we sampled some cheese quesadillas and chili. Later, we were treated to a slice of what may very well be the most decadent triple chocolate cake that exists on this planet!

The staff at Rock House are really wonderful too, all friendly and attentive. We never waited or wanted for anything.

DSC_0695Rock House is set up as a dining bar, they have a stage for karaoke and live bands. There is a gift shop which offers some fantastic souvenirs and collectibles. Then, there is a great lounge.
Karaoke is performed every night of the week. Most days on the main stage in the dining/bar area, but on nights when a live band is performing, they move it to the lounge. This is a place that is always hopping! There is always something fun and exciting going on.

We liked it so much, that we went back the following night. The people were so much fun DSC_0693and the food was just too good not to enjoy again.

When you visit Tybee Island, you really have to be sure to make Rock House one of your stops!

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2 Responses to Rock House – A Destination of its Own – Tybee Island, GA

  1. Trenton says:

    I personally know the owners and have worked there as well. I am so happy the staff writer had a great experience, they really captured what is amazing about Rock House. It is family run, a close family that really cares about customers and what has always amazed me, the owners are actively involved in and care deeply about the community as well. The owners and staff work really hard and do an exceptional job to provide great food and exceptional service.

    Thank you Linda for sharing online about the wonderful place I have been going to for over two years! Amazing food, amazing staff and owners. Your article described it perfectly!

    • Thank you for your comment. we will be doing a recording about our time in Tybee and our visit to Rock House, in the near future. I do hope that you come back to see more about it. Follow us on FaceBook for easy access to updates!

      We really did love our time at Rock House and spent a good deal of time chatting with Josh. His story is awesome and he is a charming and kind gentleman.

      As for Rock House itself….the best way to sum it up is WOW! The food, the people and the fun! We do plan to visit again next year!

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