North Beach Bar & Grill, Tybee Island. What a Find!

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The North Beach Bar & Grill was a fantastic find. It sits between the lighthouse and the beach on the North Shore of the Island and is the perfect setting on a peaceful evening.

We arrived and were greeted with beautiful live music being played by a fabulous couple. The staff was extremely friendly and took care of everything we could dream of.

Sitting outside on the patio, enjoying the warm evening after a big storm has passed through, it was perfect. We watched and listened as families and couples around us had a wonderful dinner with much chatter and laughter. This is a restaurant for everyone.

Ropa Vieja - so delicious!

Ropa Vieja – so delicious!

The menu ranges from your basic American faire to gourmet dining! You will have no trouble finding the right dish for you. Whether you want a hotdog or a seafood dinner, you will find what you’re looking for.

The bar itself was lively and everyone was having a great time.

If you find yourself spending some time on Tybee Island, you really must take the time to enjoy a meal at the North Beach Bar & Grill. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

From the appetizers, to entrées and then the desserts. Oh the desserts! You can’t beat homemade pies and cakes, can you? Do yourself a favour and order a slice of the coconut cake! So fresh and delicious!

I know we will be returning to the North Beach Bar & Grill on our next visit to Tybee.

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