Touches of Disney Magic on a Dreary Day

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ANAHEIM, Calif. – Even if you arrive at the Disneyland Resort on a chilly, drizzly afternoon, it’s easy to encounter magic touches that brighten the day.

When the bellman at the Grand Californian Hotel detected my anxiety about his putting my computer case in storage, he quickly put a “FRAGILE/Handle With Care” sticker on it.


After hours on my feet, it was a treat to find an unusual bathroom amenity – a tube of mint foot rub. “Cooling mint and marine extracts instantly soothe tired feet and rapidly smooth away dryness,” says the label.


Who wouldn’t brighten up a bit when the pianist at the grand piano in the hotel lobby elicits memories of “The Sound of Music” with a cheery rendition of “My Favorite Things”?


You don’t need sorcerer’s apprentice to cast a spell to feel better when you pull an easy chair near a crackling fire, enjoy some quiet conversation and nurse a nice cocktail.

DSCN5140(All photos by Tom Adkinson)




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