Winter Wonderland

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Winter storm Helena covered the state of Virginia in a blanket of white on January 7, 2017, and the town of Christiansburg was no exception.

That morning, I hiked the 3/4 of a mile from my new home to the depot in historic Cambria to watch some trains.

This is what I saw.

Cambria Station, covered in snow from Winter Storm Helena.

The morning was still, as most folks had heeded the authorities’ advice to stay home. This allowed me to get some pictures I normally couldn’t capture.

After getting a few artistic shots of the depot, I set up to capture a couple of approaching trains. I didn’t have to wait too long.

The signals at Pelton give a green on main two.

On the western end of the straight in Cambria, at CP (control point) Pelton, a clear signal shone bright, indicating a train was close by.

A few minutes later, westbound Norfolk Southern intermodal train 233 arrived.

NS 233 starts to make its way past the defect detector after cresting the grade of Christiansburg Mountain.

NS 233 stirs the freshly-fallen powder.

NS 233 passes the Christiansburg Depot, partly caked in snow.

BNSF ES44C4 8388 has its nose fully covered in snow as it lends a hand to leading NS 233.

“NS 233, clear, main two, Pelton.”

The containers of 233 make up a chilly wall through Christiansburg.

Well cars and containers of 233 cross Cambria St.

Not long after 233 cleared, another clear signal showed itself.

Snowflakes silently fall as the signals at Pelton await another train.

Not long after, empty coal train 821 hove into sight.

NS 821, with Union Pacific power leading makes its way through the heavy snowfall.

UP GEvo 7695 and an NS cousin lead the coal empties back toward West Virginia.

“821, clear, main two west, Pelton.”

NS 821 takes the bend as it enters CP Pelton.

The coal empties of 821 roll past the former N&W depot in Christiansburg.

The tail of 821 finishes crossing Cambria St.

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About Gavin Wilkes

Gavin currently works at Virginia Tech as a Tech Support specialist. Gavin and his wife Kathy currently live in the mountains of southwest Virginia, in the small town of Christiansburg, right along Norfolk Southern's aptly named Christiansburg District, where you'll most likely find him taking pictures, if he and Kathy aren't relaxing at home or out and about on an adventure.
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