‘Music Voyager’ focuses on Tennessee

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TV’s music and travel series “Music Voyager” has produced shows from exotic locales such as India, Colombia and Jamaica . . . and now Tennessee.

Three Tennessee shows are in the pipeline from along I-40, otherwise known as the Music Highway, focusing on music, singers, songwriters and musicians in East, Middle and West Tennessee.

Nashville's Grand Ole Opry

A Middle Tennessee audience got a sneak peek of its show at the historic Franklin Theatre just outside Nashville in mid-February that came with an unexpected live performance from Grand Ole Opry member Vince Gill and bluesman Keb Mo, who recently moved to Nashville.

Even that unexpected performance had a typically Nashville unscripted ending when Gill invited songwriting legend Guy Clark out of the audience and to the stage.

The “Music Voyager” Tennessee segments don’t air in every market, so watch local listings. After initial broadcast, “Music Voyager” will post them on its website.

Look also for a fourth Tennessee segment – an in-the-round performance featuring Clark, Clark, Elizabeth Cook, Buddy Miller and Darrell Scott.

These shows are a cool — and personal — look into all styles of music that make Tennessee special.

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