Linda Cichanowicz

Executive Producer – General Manager

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I’m a native Montrealer, have lived there all of my life, until I recently moved to Virginia. I

Linda at Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

Linda at Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

do love where I am now, it is such a beautiful place, with wonderful people and so many interesting things to do and see. I am the mother of two fabulous sons, a four-legged son, and wife to the infamous Willem Bagchus.

I became involved with Travel World a few years after I met Willem. After seeing my work, I was invited to be the photographer for the show. I think it helped too that I had some *ideas* about different things to do on some trips, and was willing to try some things that the guys may not have been willing to do….ie…parasailing, snorkeling etc…..

I love photography. It is one way to let people view how *I* see the world and the people in it. There are people who may never understand why I take photographs of certain things, but I tend to take them of things that I like, that catch my eye or that mean something special to me. It’s just a passion of mine that I am lucky enough to get to indulge in. Be careful around me, you never know when your photograph might be taken!
I have truly enjoyed traveling with Willem over the years. We have gone to many new places (well, new to me mostly) for the show and for personal reasons. We have a few favourite spots that we like to revisit, such as Las Vegas, New England, Los Angeles, Boston, Lake George etc…. One place I cannot wait to go back to is Hawaii. This is where I learned to snorkel and fell in love with the sport. Swimming with sea turtles and spotted eagle rays, it was amazing!

Some years ago, I got an under water digital camera, so now we HAVE to go back so I can take proper photos of the creatures I get to swim with. I always look forward to new experiences and seeing new places. As exhausting as travel can be, it is always worthwhile. We do need to do another cruise someday soon! After the Hawaii trip, I now have a new love for beaches and bikinis, which I never had before!

My dream trip has, and always will be, to visit Palau. There is just something magical about that place. I had first seen a documentary about it, around twenty years ago and I fell in love with the idea of going there. The beach huts, the lake of stingless jellyfish that you can swim with, the artifacts left in place from the World Wars, the culture of the people, the beautiful flora and fauna – which are always favourite subjects for my photography. Maybe I would even try to learn how to scuba there! Secondary to Palau, I would love to do a trip that involved a lot of horseback riding, which is one of my favourite activities. Maybe, a trip packing and riding in the mountains for a week or, just a nice dude ranch somewhere, so I can ride and then maybe get a massage after!

I am certain we have many wonderful trips ahead of us, and we will make the best of every one of them. There is always something new to try and something to learn, wherever we go.